Another few bugfixes for Slider Puzzle

Another version, another few bugs squashed! You can now also install Slider Puzzle on your SD card, when you're running out of space on your device. And last, but not least, I redid the icons so they look sharper. Go check it out!

Thursday, 2 December 2010, 11:15 Bert Hekman

Some small updates for Slider Puzzle

To this date, Slider Puzzle been downloaded 1150 times, which is a bit more than I expected! Today I've released the updated version 1.03. The update features the following changes:

You can now choose easy, medium or hard on random and photo levels, there are eight new predefined levels, tiles no longer jump to their place when you release them, but ease to it and the device will vibrate when you're trying to move a lock.

So once again, let me know what you think of the updates and what updates you'd like to see!

UPDATE 2/11: It's one day later and slider puzzle now has been downloaded 1800 times. That's 650 times in one day! :) Also I've updated it to 1.04, which shows a white flash on tiles you slide to the right spot.

Monday, 1 November 2010, 16:26 Bert Hekman

Slider Puzzle now available

The first version of Slider Puzzle now available from the Android Market for free! It is still a bit short on predefined levels, but you can generate a random level or play with a photo from your album for endless fun!

I will be adding a lot more predefined levels later on and I might add some other stuff, like tiles that can only move horizontally or vertically in stead of both ways. If you have any good ideas to make the game better, I'd love to hear them!

(More information about Slider Puzzle)

Slider Puzzle QR code

Tuesday, 12 October 2010, 15:50 Bert Hekman

First steps in Android development: Slider Puzzle

After my iPhone broke on me a few weeks ago, I bought an HTC Desire with Android 2.2. Of course, one of the first thing I had to do was download and play with the SDK.

After a few hello world applications I started on a game after the idea of my brother. He originally wanted me to create the game for the iPhone, but since you'd have to buy a Mac just to develop applications, it was a no-go.

The game is a 2D puzzle, where you slide rows or columns of tiles across the screen. Tiles that move through the edges of the screen appear on the opposite side, so it is a bit like a Rubik's cube. I've created three modes so far: level mode, random mode and picture mode.

In level mode, you need to play through a few predefined and increasingly difficult levels. In random mode, a random level is generated. Picture mode is similar to random mode, but you can play with a picture selected from your photo album!

Developing applications for Android is a bit weird when you're used to developing PHP scripts and windows applications, but I got used to it very quickly as everything seems quite logical. Google did a great job at documenting everything and also, stackoverflow helped a bit here and there.

When I feel the game is done, I'll upload it to the Android market, probably for free - I'm not sure yet. Anyway, let me know what you think about it! (screenshots)

Slider Puzzle screenshot 1

Wednesday, 6 October 2010, 16:08 Bert Hekman

Another small update for Music Importer

I finally pinned down a bug that's been bothering me for a while. Some music files don't have their "album artist" field filled. Music Importer expected this field and therefor crashed with these files. This bug is now fixed as it will use the "performer" or "artist" field if no "album artist" is given.

Check it out on the Music Importer page and let me know what you think!

Friday, 25 June 2010, 15:44 Bert Hekman