Smash Battle: Handling player input

About two weeks ago, I wrote an article on how the player input is handled in Smash Battle. It basically tells what the GameInput class does and how to use it. It might be useful if you're working on a C++/SDL project, or just to get an insight in how Smash Battle handles its input.

EDIT: Smash Battle has also been featured on two sites, the Linux Game Tome and Pixel Prospector, which is a site that collects quality freeware games. We're honored! :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009, 09:42 Bert Hekman

A few Smash Battle updates

After the last release, last july, we haven't been sitting still. We've been finished the following updates for smash battle:

  • Four additional characters
  • Stereo sound
  • "Press start" at the beginning of the game (which causes the player, who does this, to have control over what gamemode and level is being played)
  • Jump-in character select, which means that when you can select your character, players can press start to join in
  • A few minor bug fixes... as usual ;)
  • And last but certainly not least: We've started to work on the single player portion!

I've also created a very basic level editor, but it's still really buggy, so I might release it later on.

Jeroen has started to set up this weblog for Smash Battle, where we will post more updates about the development of the game, as soon as the weblog is setup and working.

The old version from july is available to download at our project page on sourceforge. For the new version... you'll just have to wait until we've finished creating the single player!

Friday, 4 September 2009, 16:50 Bert Hekman

My company has a new website

A new website, made by me and my colleague. The approach was to make an interactive and graphic website with a lot of fancy stuff going on, as if it was a flash site, without flash. This was our first big website which depended heavily on the javascript library jQuery.

So if you're interested in where I work, what my other colleagues produce or the website itself, then check out our company website!

EDIT: I've also created a iPhone and mobile version!

Friday, 4 September 2009, 16:27 Bert Hekman

Smash Battle big update!

Since last version, from last year, we've been working on a lot of updates which include the following:

  • Three and four player battles
  • New characters and stages
  • Character stats (speed, weight, weapon and bomb)
  • Destroyable levels
  • Bouncing level tiles (when hit from below)
  • Instant kill bullets
  • Play ends after 5 rounds and shows a ending screen with statistics
  • Keyboard and joystick can now be redefined
  • Completely redone and/or re-factored a lot of classes and code

Smash Battle title screen

It's available for download here:

The next thing we will be working on is a single player, which include some missions. This is still in planning phase, but we've got some really nice ideas about what we are going to do with it.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009, 12:30 Bert Hekman