Slider Puzzle

Slider Puzzle is no longer under active development
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Slider puzzle is a 2D puzzle game for Android, where you slide rows or columns of tiles across the screen. Tiles that move through the edges of the screen appear on the opposite side, so it is a bit like a Rubik's cube.

It is now available from the Android market for free!


  • 3 game modes
  • Level mode: 28 levels
  • Random mode: randomly generated levels
  • Picture mode: randomly generated levels using a selected picture from your photo album

Future plans

  • A lot more levels!
  • Predefined photo levels
  • Tiles that can only move horizontally or vertically in stead of both ways
  • Progress saving and unlockable levels?


Slider Puzzle screenshot 1 Slider Puzzle screenshot 2 Slider Puzzle screenshot 3

Note: Tiles with black dots on them are locked and cannot be moved.


Concept: Daniƫl C. Hekman
Development: Bert Hekman