Parsedown Bundle

Provides the parsedown service and twig filter for Symfony.

Download, install, use

Find out how to download, install and use it on github:


Require the bundle using composer:

composer require demontpx/parsedown-bundle

Then add it to your bundles section in AppKernel.php:

new Demontpx\ParsedownBundle\DemontpxParsedownBundle()


Then you can use it in your twig templates:

{{ text|markdown }}
{{ '# This is a header!'|markdown }}

or directly from PHP:

$parsedown = $container->get('demontpx_parsedown.parsedown');
$parsedText = $parsedown->text($text);

You can also use the controller to parse markdown using an REST call. Add this to your routing.yml:

    resource: "@DemontpxParsedownBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    prefix:   /parsedown/

After that you'll be able to send a POST request with markdown to http://your-apps-url/parsedown/ and it will return the parsed HTML. You might want to use this to render previews using javascript or something!