Launch SSH 0.1 released

More than ten years after the final release for Geek Launcher, I've finally put some sort of a spiritual successor together called Launch SSH.

I mainly used Geek Launcher to launch SSH sessions, back in the day when I still used Windows XP a lot. It mostly just invoked PuTTy with the hostname of the machine I wanted to connect to. Quickly launching other types of applications was still useful back then, but has been totally unnecessary for the last few years since Windows 7 came with a useful start menu which could quickly filter through and launch applications.

MacOS has similar functionality with spotlight and Gnome, Cinnamon and KDE (and other desktop environments) on linux also have their own ways of launching applications in a similar fashion.

However, launching ssh sessions was still not as easy as it was using my Geek Launcher and Launch SSH is trying to fix that.

Launch SSH main window

The idea is that you install this package and add a global hotkey in the desktop environment to launch the application. After that you get a window with an input box and a list box which will fill up with hostnames you've connected to recently.

After you've connected to a few machines, the history should fill up. And that's where the efficiency should come from. Because you can navigate quickly through the list using the arrow keys and launch a session using the RETURN key and you can also quickly find the session you want using autocomplete (bound to the TAB key.) Removing items from the history is also easy and can be done using the DELETE key.

This should make starting new SSH session a breeze. Go try it out and tell me what you think. You can find it on my github or download it here:

Thursday, 5 April 2018, 00:52 Bert Hekman