Launch SSH improved keyboard navigation and natural sort

I've added some updates to Launch SSH and bumped the version to 0.1.2. The keyboard navigation has received a small update as the PAGE DOWN, PAGE UP, HOME and END keys are now functional. Also, when a history item is selected and RETURN is pressed, that session is now launched instead of whats in the input box.

Another small new feature is natural sorting in the history. For example if you were to have 20 webservers called web1, web2, all the way up to web20, it would previously sort like this: web1, web10, web11, .... From now on it will be sorted in a more natural way like this: web1, web2, ..., web9, web10, ..., web19, web20.

Finally, I've no longer created a deb installer for Ubuntu artful, but did created one for Ubuntu bionic, which is about to be released today! You can find the installers here:

Thursday, 26 April 2018, 01:03 Bert Hekman