And a dream comes true!

For the last eight years, I only missed Beeckestijnpop once. It is one of the things I look out for each year and it unofficially kicks off the festival season. In that eight years, I always dreamed of playing on that main stage and now that dream came true!

We played an awesome show and I saw a lot of people rocking out and a few others wearing an Against All Odds T-shirt! It felt great!

After our show, we got a call from 3voor12. A band that was scheduled to play a session, had to cancel, and they asked if we could come and play in their place. We didn't hesitate and got there as quickly as we could. We played two songs behind the Beeckestijn manor and in front of their camera as a crowd of about 40 people had gathered around us. So that was a nice surprise for us on top of the awesome day it already was!

Simultaneously with Beeckestijn, we released our promo for 2010 with two newly recorded songs. They can be listened to and downloaded from the music section on the Against All Odds website or from our Bandcamp page.

Against All Odds op Beeckestijnpop

Wednesday, 16 June 2010, 15:07 Bert Hekman