Against All Odds won the IJmond Popprijs

Wow, what an exciting weekend this was! Last Thursday we've played the IJmond Popprijs finals in a crowed Witte Theater in IJmuiden and the jury thought we were the best band of the evening. We've won three gigs: one at the Nozem en de Non, one at Wijkerpop and the main prize: a gig at the main stage of the Beeckestijn pop festival!

The day after was Queens day. We had a last-minute show at Café Briljant in Haarlem. Before we got there, we thought we would be playing in the corner of some kind of pub, but it turned out to be an awesome big stage on a square in front of a church where a lot of people were rocking out (probably because they were drunk ;) ).

We're going to take it easy this month, writing some new songs for the following gigs, next month at the BukBuk, Merv's and Beeckestijnpop!

Monday, 3 May 2010, 10:18 Bert Hekman