Geek Launcher and Faceplant fun

The last bug and feature request are closed and released in Geek Launcher 1.0beta3. The bug was, that you could not uninstall geek launcher when it was running. The feature request was URIs. You can now launch a website, ftp-site or telnet session.

We also had some fun last week when we created a new Faceplant song. We did not have the time to scream in some vocals, but the beginning is there. It contains a speech from the dutch tv show 'Alfred J Kwak', where the evil black crow Dolf is talking about his own rasict political party. We found it to be quite funny as it is a show for children we watched when we were all young. You can listen to it on our myspace. The song is called Dolf.

Monday, 7 April 2008, 14:39 Bert Hekman