Geek Launcher

Quickly launch applications with a few keystrokes


• Quickly launch applications
• Add application by dragging links into it
• Easly keyboard controllable
• Hotkey to show the launch screen (default: WinKey + Q)

Known bugs

• None known to me yet.


1.0beta3 (2008-04-07)

Windows installer (.exe, 118Kb)
Source (.zip, 67Kb)

1.0beta2 (2008-03-28)

Windows installer (.exe, 105Kb)

1.0beta (2008-03-18)

Windows installer (.exe, 104Kb)

The latest code can also be obtained through subversion:

Version history

1.0beta3 (2008-04-07)

• FIX: Windows won't shutdown with geek launcher running
• Added small user interface and support for small icons
• Keyboard browsing with page up, page down, home and end keys.
• Notification icon title fixed

1.0beta2 (2008-03-28)

• FIX: Uninstaller does not delete geeklauncher.exe if it is running
• Added support for URIs (http, https, ftp, telnet)
• Added default icons for URIs

1.0beta (2008-03-18)

• First release